Thursday, March 17, 2005


I made the move - from Suse (9.2, boxed) to Debian (SID). Right now, i am still in the middle of configuring the whole beast (my Latitude Dell D800, Centrino 765).
I was feeling Suse a little too bloated, with a lot of dependencies, not so easy upgrades to packages (i used apt-get for my installation, thanks).
My best example for this is GnuCash, which i use for personal finance - ever tried to upgrade?
Wha i am missing is Yast (quite a lot), the /etc/sysconfig stuff (very structured and clever from Suse), and the very good Laptop support from Suse, with all the power management stuff in place from start.

Also, i am waiting for xorg to make an appearance on unstable.

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