Sunday, August 18, 2013

PySide installation in a virtualenv (Fedora 19)

Ok, so:

mkvirtualenv -v --no-site-packages --python=python3.3 virtualenvname

(I am trying to use python 3 with pyside - cross the finger)

Of course, to build pyside one must have qmake installed, so, run:

sudo yum whatprovides '*/qmake'

showing which packages provide the qmake binary, and then

sudo yum install qt-devel

Installing PySide requires python.h, which is provided by both python-devel and python3-devel.

Remember that I am trying with PySide and Python 3, so mandatory is:

yum install qt-devel

This will install version 4.8.something, which brings qmake.

After that activate your virtualenv, and then:

python bdist_egg --qmake=/usr/bin/qmake-qt4


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